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Traditional dancing is one of the best ways for the country to express its character and tell its history.

Traditional Georgian dances, apart from being a fascinating show, reflect rich culture and past of the country.

Diversity is inseparable part of the Georgian culture which is perfectly shown in traditional dances. Each region of Georgia has its unique dance and unique clothing which makes it even more diverse and special.

Traditional dances symbolize and express spirit that has been part of Georgia and Georgians since the very beginning - fight, freedom, friendship and love are the main themes for the local folklore.

It is hard to watch Georgian dances without wishing to be a part of this amazing world - every performance tells the history of Georgia full with obstacles and stories of regular people - how they lived, how they loved and how they fought.

Easiest way to become a part of this world is to visit Argo Cable Car, where along with folklore evenings (every day from 8 pm, in case of good weather) you can enjoy master classes of traditional Georgian dancing. There is also an easier way to feel like a Georgian dancer with our interactive tintamarresque (a photo stand) - take pictures as a Georgian dancer on a 252 m above the sea level.

Feel like a real Georgian dancer on the Argo Cable Car.